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Trinity Forestry Services LTD

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet our 2022 Eco-Champion, Trinity Forestry Services LTD, from Luwero, Uganda.

Team Members: Brenda Namubiru, Christopher Marvin Tumusiime, Nakasekende Sheilah. Nyanzi Moses

90-Day Challenge Goal:

To reforestate Uganda through empowering youth and women to be environmentally pro-active.


Their Climate Action Challenge Experience

What did you accomplish?

We managed to empower youth and women to be environmentally pro-active in not only tree planting or tree growing, but also to influence other people to plant and grow trees, this has been made easy through partnerships and groups we have created and worked with throughout the year.

Actions Taken:

  • 90, 272 trees planted

  • 1 Environmental match

  • 2 community meetings and trainings

  • 1 Radio talk show ( in regards to environmentalism and climate change) on UBC a National radio station with big listening audience

  • Built 4 new partnerships

  • Established a 50 acres commercial forest

Next Steps:

As per our initiative's goal, mission and vision, we are looking forward to establishing a training facility/ institute for practical skills in environment, sustainable agriculture/Climate Smart Agriculture and Forestry. We are also looking towards fundraising $60,000 USD to support run our operations to get to the peak of our vision and mission

Advice for others:

"You can be the change, all you need to do is start, persevere, Keep pushing, Remain in the system and take action."


How to support the team:

  • Connect on social media

  • Email with inquiries/donations:



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