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What does 'green" mean?

Green is the symbol of:

  • Virtually everything about environmental conservation, justice, sustainability, preservation, and restoration

  • Eco-friendly business practices, lifestyles, and community development plans

  • Positive growth, upward momentum, and action

  • Building healthy, diverse, and inclusive communities

  • The idea sustainable ecosystem where all segments of the human population - and the planet that supports us - survive and thrive harmoniously

  • The lush, rapid growth that springs from strong grassroots (and from the grassroots organization!)

Green Team Academy is about all of the above and much more!

What is a Green Team?

A Green Team is a group of two or more people who participate in the International Climate Action Challenge together. Your team can be composed of friends, neighbors, family members, or anyone in your community. Existing grassroots groups, employees of local businesses, and other organizations are welcome to form Green Teams. Anyone who wants to work together and make a community project happen can start a Green Team.

What is ICAC (International Climate Action Challenge)? How do I join?

It is a program that takes you from passion to action in 90 days and empowers you to #BeTheChange. Visit the ICAC for details.

What types of projects qualify as green?

What would make your community a healthier, happier, more sustainable, better place to live? You are better qualified than us to answer that question. Everyone is the expert on their own community and every Green Team is the expert on their own project. Learn more about joining ICAC and forming a Green Team in your neighborhood.

What is a Tree Hero?

Our Tree Heroes Wall of Fame honors supporters who have a tree planted in their name in Uganda. Donate $25 or more to join the Wall of Fame and have a tree planted in your name.

Are donations to Green Team Academy tax deductible?

Green Team Academy is a program of Youth TimeBanking, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, EIN 84-3685123.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities available?

Yes! Green Team Academy's administrative side is composed of virtual volunteers from multiple countries. If you have time, skills, and passion to share, we'd love to have you join our team!

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