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How to Submit a
Challenger Spotlight Video

Get Started!


Would you like your team to be featured in the Earth Week

Summit and our YouTube Channel? Create a 3-minute video by APRIL 10 2024

Full details below. Register now to get started.


Get featured in the Earth Week Summit and on the Green Team Academy YouTube channel...

Exclusive Invite for Award-Winning Challengers

Special invite for past Eco-Champion & Honorable Mention award winners of ICAC20, ICAC21, or ICAC22. Submit an update video and we'll feature it in the 2024 Earth Week Summit as a "Challenger Spotlight". Full details here.


Quick Overview

1. Register for the Challenger Spotlight. Submit this form to let us know you want to participate.

2. Write your script.

  • Hook: Imagine if every _____ in the world…(example: school kid in the world learned how to grow their own nutritious food, no matter where they lived)

  • Introduce yourself: Name, Country, Current Organization

  • ICAC Experience: Tell what year you participated in the Green Team Academy International Challenge. What was your team name? Why did you join? What was your experience? What was your impact in 90 days? If the challenge helped you, say in what ways. 

  • What next: Tell what you’ve been working on since the challenge. What’s your focus now?

  • Ask for support: Tell people how they can join you or support you.

  • ICAC24 Advice: Finally, if anyone is considering joining the 2024 International Climate Action Challenge, here’s my advice…

3. Create your 2-4 minute video in horizontal format (like YouTube not TikTok). Make sure we can see the faces and clearly hear the speakers. Create your transcript so we have the exact words of the video. We will use it as subtitles for your video.

4. Submit by April 10, 2024.

Submit your 2-4 minute video and transcript using a free filetransfer service such as SendBig or WeTransfer. Send the file to

5. Get your team's video featured in the 2024 Earth Week Summit, Green Team Academy YouTube channel, and social media marketing!


Need help? Reach out to support.

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