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2024 Earth Week Summit

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In 2024, our 5th Annual Earth Week Summit is bigger and better than ever! Our agenda includes filmmaking workshops, grassroots eco-leaders from around the world, and networking for participants.


We have invested in a new platform this year that allows us to provide more opportunities for engagement for our sponsors.

Hop on a call and we'll help you choose a sponsorship package that meets your impact goals at an affordable price. 

  • Session or Day Sponsor: Target your audience by choosing to sponsor a single session, a full day, or more.

  • Virtual Sponsor Booth: Attendees can visit your virtual 'sponsor booth'. Customize your own sponsor page with video, photos, info, and links. Chat with participants who are interested in your product or service.

  • Teach-In: Grab a 20-minute spot on the agenda to share about your product or service with our eco-minded audience. 

Sponsorship Packages for the 2024 Earth Week Summit

How would you like to partner? Check out our quick chart here. View our full partnership guide for more details.

Ready to apply. Apply here.

Ready to purchase? Pay here. Need an invoice or other ways to pay? Let us know on the application. We're happy to work with you! Thank you for your support!

How to Become a Sponsor

It's quick and easy to get started as a sponsor or partner!

Tip: We reserve the right to decline sponsorships from organizations that don't meet our criteria for commitment to environmental stewardship.

We'll work with you to make a plan that meets your goals. Act now to get in on early discounts.

Step 1: Check out our exciting 6-day April 22-27, 2024 Earth Week Summit agenda.

Step 2: Review our Partner Guide.

Step 3: Submit the Sponsor Interest Form.

Step 4: Book a call to discuss options. Booking link is provided after Step 3.

Step 5: Ready to roll? Submit your Sponsorship Application.

Step 6: Purchase your Sponsorship.

Step 7: Begin enjoying the benefits of sponsorship!

Why Partner with Us?
  • Help us achieve our mission of empowering everyday people around the world to #BeTheChange!

  • Make a positive impact internationally and in your community by helping us host the International Climate Action Challenge and Earth Week Summit.

  • Introduce your brand to a large, engaged, and enthusiastic audience.

  • Build your reputation as a pillar of the community, inspiring and supporting grassroots initiatives.

  • Develop a collaborative relationship where we work together year-round to increase your results and ours.

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A Warm Invitation

Joan Gregerson, Director & Founder

We want to partner with organizations like yours that are on a mission to make the world a better place.


Help us empower everyday people to #BeTheChange as we host teams from around the world to launch their eco-initiatives in 90 days!


Your investment of $500 is equivalent to helping us provide coaching for an entire team for 90 days. This allows eco-enthusiasts to become leaders who empower others. Your investment starts a ripple effect that transforms communities

As a nonprofit, we do rely on financial support to do what we do. But more than that, we focus on developing long-term partnerships where we complement each other. 

Our partnerships may include financial sponsorship, co-facilitation of event sessions, presentations, promotion, or volunteering. And ideally, all the above!

Check out our guide. Submit the Interest Form. Then, let's hop on a call. We can't wait to learn more about you and your organizations and explore how we can collaborate!

Thank you, Joan

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What Makes Us Unique

We're different than most environmental organizations. We don't tell our challengers what to do. We ask them what they want to do and we help them make it happen. 


We are a small, but mighty organization focused on helping people bring their dreams to reality. We are a fiscally sponsored project of 501c3 Social Good Fund.

We host the International Climate Action Challenge annually at no cost to our participants. Each year, we help hundreds of eco-minded individuals around the world launch their eco-initiatives in 90 days.


Our teams hail from Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, the Phillipines, the United States, and beyond. They plant 10,000's of trees, start community gardens, organize clean-ups, start eco-clubs, and change policies. They become the leaders they had hoped for. 

We are all about: climate action, climate justice, community empowerment, leadership training, coaching, collaboration, creativity, and fun! We can't do it without amazing partners... like you!


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Looking for an exciting event to sponsor for Earth Day? Check out the Green Team Academy 5th Annual Earth Week Summit. The event is free and online and features grassroots eco-enthusiasts from around the world. There's also a special Denver Day on April 25. Get in on early discounts for affordable sponsorships for this global gathering of changemakers!

How to Invite

Do you know someone who might just love to be a sponsor of the 2024 Earth Week Summit? 

Feel free to invite them to participate and benefit!

The Sponsor Outreach resources in our Media Kit make it quick and easy to reach out! You'll find sample emails, posts, and messages, along with graphics. 

Thanks for your support!

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