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About the challenge

The International Climate Action Challenge (ICAC) is a  90-day guided journey where the Green Team Academy helps turn your vision and ideas into plans and real-world impact. People from around the world sign up with us to get the support they need to launch their own eco-projects in their communities.

Our next challenge will kick off in August 2025.

Ready to #BeTheChange?

Find out about our 2025 Challenge!

Read about Our Impact

Our challengers get real results in just 90 days! 

Click here to view the annual ICAC Impact Reports.

How do we support you?



You will be given a coach that will help you create a structure and path to follow to complete your project.



You will have the opportunity to network with international change-makers and see what they are doing.



You will have access to the Climate Action Challenge book and workbook, and action plan checklist in order to set your team up for success!

What could you do in 90 days?

See what our challengers have been doing

  • An 18-week facilitated program

  • Comprehensive Action Plan Checklist

  • Climate Action Challenge digital book

  • Climate Action Challenge digital workbook

  • Complete video course

  • Weekly assignments

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach

  • Weekly training sessions

  • Access to the community portal

  • Option to apply to be featured in the Impact Summit

  • Fun, community engagement, and the pride of knowing you’ve made an impact

Why 90 days?

If you spend just 2% of your time, around 3 hours per week, you'll keep moving toward your goal. With our program, that is plenty of time to progress through the steps of planning and launching a project and making a measurable impact on your community.

Yes, it all happens in just 90 days - but the end of the challenge period is not the end of your impact. In fact, this is just the beginning. Think of it as an accelerator course for your grassroots initiative. It can be a pilot program for something bigger, the first of an annual event, a learning experience that gives you the skills to become a community leader. Once you get started, the sky is the limit. Take that action and join us.

The Challenge includes:

3 Easy Steps to get started


Start with a passion

  • Why are environmental conservation, protection, and sustainability important to you?

  • What changes do you envision that would make your community better?

  • Why do you believe it is important to take action now?

  • Review the information and materials on the registration page

  • Complete the sign-up form

  • Start looking for a partner because a Green Team needs at least 2 people


Register for the Climate Action Challenge.


When your application is approved,

  • You will receive an email with instructions to join the community portal

  • We will match your team with a coach

  • You will be provided the tools and materials to get started

2022 Impact Map

Green Teams Around the World

View Green Teams that participated in Green Team Academy's 2022 International Climate Action Challenge. Click on the pin to learn about each team and see how they created a positive impact in their community.

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