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Nature Connect - Exchange Plants for Free

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet our 2022 Eco-Champion, Nature Connect, Exchange Plants for Free, from Bahrain.

Team Members: Dr Anamica Bhattacharya, Monika Verma Saha, Syed Hasan Saed

90-Day Challenge Goal:

To make a kids Nature club to connect the kids with Nature through sustainable education & various activities.


Their Climate Action Challenge Experience

What did you accomplish?

We improved the kid's understanding of nature and also grew their interest and curiosity. We held a community event where we distributed plants, held demonstrations, did a nature walk and created nature art.

Actions Taken:

  • Distribution of 50 plants

  • Demo on gardening and water pollution

  • Nature art activity

  • Nature walk with kids.

Next Steps:

We plan to start and expand the Nature Club for kids in Bahrain.


"Be mindful, take action that will support sustainable development."




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