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Green and Better World

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet our 2022 Eco-Champion, Green and Better World, from MOKINDI, LIMBE II CAMEROON.

Team Members: Tandungang Laura, Michael Ambe Ngwa, Chaijoh Derrick, Liza Atem, & Brenda Bih Tiku

90-Day Challenge Goal:

Plant 5,000 trees in schools and communities as well as create an environmental club to train these children on how to nurture the trees


Their Climate Action Challenge Experience

What did you accomplish?

We improved our knowledge of the different types of trees and how to grow trees. We also educated on how to recycle plastic and hosted a campaign to promote cleaner communities and schools

Actions Taken:

  • 5,000 Trees were planted

  • 5 environmental clubs started

Next Steps:

Try to raise funds for the project

Advice for others:

"Always have the environment at heart"


How to support the team:

You can share our activities online, Donate financially or equipment



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