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Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet our 2022 Eco-Champion Team, Eco-Rising, from Zambia!

Team Members: Timothy Phiri, Niki Mapoma, Charles Anayawa, Mwiya Simata, Mulima Matongo, and David Mwamba

90-Day Challenge Goal:

We weren't able to reach our original goal, which was to launch an enviro-podcast. However, we did do a lot of research on how to create a podcast and now have enough material and specific steps to reach that goal in the coming year!!


Their Climate Action Challenge Experience

What did you accomplish?

It has been an amazing journey and we got to learn a lot about project formulation and management. We met new people and learned from their personal experiences, which refreshed our climate action journey. Some stories were fun and heartwarming while some heartbreaking. Access to proper project equipment was our biggest challenge.

Memorable Story: Whilst on our desk at the Zambia Indigenous Food and Seed Festival, we engaged this young boy (probably about 10 or 11 years old). He was so knowledgeable on organic farming (his family runs an organic farm) and GMOs that it was mesmerizing. Then two elderly gentlemen showed up to listen to our conversation and started sharing their experiences about food systems, corporate takeover, and control as well as where we have gone wrong as a country and how changing peoples’ mindsets was such an underrated priority.

The depth of knowledge and wisdom was out of this world. This to us just emphasized how so many people out there, regardless of their age are allies and know so much about the values and causes we stand and fight for. Sometimes it is important to be quiet and LISTEN to others, LISTEN to their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. Give them an opportunity to SHARE their truth. We truly never stop learning. Education is a life-long experience, journey, and adventure.

Second Memorable story: Whilst at the SKI Farmers rights Campaign 2022/Regional Farmers Exchange, we asked people, ‘What seed would you be if you ever had a chance to become a seed?’ One gentleman from Zimbabwe gave the most unexpected answer: he said, "first and foremost we as human beings are a form of seed as we carry genetic material. We will pass on to the next generation just like crop seeds. Human beings are seeds just like crop seeds." This uno-reverse answer to the question was a sucker punch- so unexpected, enlightening, truthful, and insightful.

Actions Taken:

  • Held community and school education events

  • 7 Interviews

  • 4-5 Discussions

  • Held Presentations to a Local High School

  • Written a play for students to perform.

Next Steps:

The next steps are to align all our activities with our action plan which is our roadmap. Continue with quarterly events with Kapete School and bring in community and farmers to join our work. Launch our environmental podcast. Create a newsletter.

Advice for others:

"It is always important to get started with climate action despite having less or no resources because the fight takes one's deep love for nature. Resources or funds come as a secondary tool that makes things happen. Always start with what you have and never wait for the perfect moment-just dive into it! Never underestimate your power or ability; there is greatness within each one of us-we just have to believe in our abilities and trust the process."


Instagram: Eco.Rising.Zambia



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