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84: Mabinju Power House Youth Group – One Million Trees for Siaya, Kenya


Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet the Mabinju Power House Youth Group from Kenya, challengers in the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge. Their campaign is One Million Trees for Siaya, Kenya. They are growing tree seedlings, teaching others how to plant and care for them, and distributing throughout the county.


  • #84 – Mabinju Power House Youth Group

  • 90-Day Challenge Goal: Plant one million trees in Siaya County

  • Location: Siaya County, Kenya

  • Registered Challenger: Geofrey Ngure, Ilary Oyogi

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2020


Here are some impact highlights from the Mabinju Power House Youth Group during the 90-day challenge period:

  • 20 team members participated

  • Trained 105 youth to plant trees

  • Visited villages and trained youth and widows about the benefits of trees and how to plant seedlings and to increase opportunities for food, income, and livelihood

  • Distributed and planted 30,000 tree seedlings that were grown by the team, including pine, grevillea, and indigenous trees

  • Developed partnerships with hospitals, schools, churches, market places that provided land for the team to plant trees

  • Recognized youths showing a willingness to change and an increase in self-motivation

Next Steps

Moving forward, the team is planning to continue with existing efforts toward the goal of planting one million trees in Siaya, Kenya.


The team’s advice for someone who wants to make an impact is to set a clear and aggressive target. Make it non-negotiable, no matter what obstacles come your way. Focus on it and you will achieve it.


Want to get involved? Contact the team to participate as a member or partner.

  • Website:

  • Facebook: Mabinju Power House Youth Group



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