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Be part of the grassroots movement

Join the Climate Action Challenge with a broad vision, some vague ideas, and your knowledge of what your community needs. Bring along a healthy dose of passion for making it happen, and follow the program. You will learn to solidify your vision, find partners, engage the community, set short-term goals, organize an event, and start thinking about long-term goals. After just 90 days, you finish the challenge with a productive team, a network of partners, a foundation for bigger plans, and the pride that comes with knowing you made your community greener.

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Advice from a Climate Action Challenger

“Don’t wait until you’re perfect to talk to some people about your ideas. Even if you can’t do it fully, you might be surprised how much you can do and how much people want to participate.”

- Heather Macleod, Youthpower, USA (ICAC20)

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