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Likas-Kaya Perma Gardeners, Philippines


Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Likas-Kaya Perma Gardeners, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award-winners!


  • #44 – Likas-Kaya Perma Gardeners

  • Registered Challengers: Maria Estela Barcibal, Nikko Magalona, Maria Julieta San Luis, Belle Christine Baguisi Rodrigo

  • Location: The Philippines

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Video Script

Hi! We are Team 44: Likas-Kaya Perma Gardeners and we joined the ICAC21 with the goal of building a more sustainable and self-sufficient Urban Community Garden in the Philippines.

We are driven to reverse climate change by taking steps in educating our community empowering them through engagement. First, by managing their organic waste with the Bokashi composting, where Bokashi Pinoy is one of our partners. Second, by applying permaculture principles, we will draw from many disciplines then link them with solutions that will not only benefit humans but other species as well. Permaculture also ensures a resilient future, favoring diversity.

We’ll build our first Likas-Kaya or “self-sufficient” permaculture garden in a lot that was lent to us by the owner. We have consulted a permaculture advocate from Seed4Com to help us in designing our garden. We also sought help from our local government’s Urban Farming programs in providing us with free seeds, seedlings, tools and other things we’ll need.

We aim to inspire other communities to put up their own Likas-Kaya perma gardens, too. From urban to rural ones, and make our world a better place for the next generations!

Join us on this journey through our Instagram and Facebook Page, “Likas-Kaya Perma Gardeners” and Twitter, “Likas-Kaya”.

Impact Highlights

During the 90-day challenge, the Likas-Kaya team:

  • Diverted a total of 150 kg food waste to landfills by composting bokashied food waste during the Feed the Soil event.

  • Engaged a community of 150 residents in Cresta Verde Subdivision with an innovative exchange program. Residents donated their PET bottles in exchange for a free seed starter kit for them to start growing vegetables in their own backyards.

  • Garnered the support from three local government units, the Joy of Urban Farming, Novaliches District Centre, PESO and Barangay Santa Monica.

  • Gave away 100 seeds to individuals and communities.

  • Began transforming a 120 sq meter lot into a permaculture eco-garden.

  • Provided video editing assistance for other challenger teams.


  • Instagram: @likaskayapermagardeners

  • Facebook: @likaskayapermagardeners

  • Twitter: @LikasKaya



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