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24: Youth Proyekto Philippines – EcoFestival, Philippines

Challenger Profile at a Glance

The Youth Proyekto Philippines team hosted the 4th Philippine EcoFestival in November 2020. Find out how these 2020 International Climate Action Challengers are making a difference!


  • #24 – Youth Proyekto Philippines

  • 90-Day Challenge Goal: Host the 4th Philippine EcoFestival with 300 youth attendees

  • Location: Philippines

  • Registered Challenger: Daniel Agan

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2020


Here are some impact highlights from the Youth Proyekto Philippines team during the 90-day challenge period:

  • Held the 4th Philippine Eco-Festival virtually from November 14 – 21, 2020

  • 39 members on the team

  • Shifted from in-person in previous years to online in 2020 with 10 activities over eight days

  • Exceeded the initial goal of 300 with 487 participants

  • Developed 10 partnerships and hosted 25 organizations worldwide

Challenge Experience

What parts of the challenge helped you the most?

Daniel identified the book, workbook, weekly trainings, and mentoring as all helpful parts of the challenge.

“Because of the book, we were able to really have a well-planned event and were able to segregate and designate responsibilities for the leaders.”

“With the general accountability, support, and structure, we were able to understand each one’s responsibilities and obligations in every activity in the Philippine Eco-Festival.”

That was a big accomplishment to take on and successfully host a complex virtual festival during a pandemic!

Next Steps

Moving forward, the team is planning to:

  • Conduct an assessment to evaluate the event and find new ways to improve

  • Host the 5th Philippine Eco-Festival which is likely to include virtual and in-person events in 2021

  • Continuously promote awareness and educate more youth

  • Use the Climate Action Challenge book and workbook again


We asked Daniel, what is your advice for someone who wants to make an impact? Here’s what he recommends:

  • If you believe that your actions can bring impact to your community, don’t hesitate to start.

  • Let your voice be heard.

  • Let your actions be an inspiration to others.

  • If you are aware of the climate and environmental crisis, stand up and start the action!


Want to get involved? Contact the team to participate as a member or partner.

  • Facebook: @YouthProyektoPhilippines

  • Email: youthproyektoph (at)



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