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Aidons Les Plus Démunis, Senegal

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Aidons Les Plus Démunis, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award winners!


  • #65 – Aidons Les Plus Démunis

  • Registered Challengers: LALLA SANKHARE, Yacine Joëlle Seck Mboup, MBAYE BA

  • Location: Senegal

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Impact Highlights

Here are some highlights of what the ALPD team achieved during the 90-day challenge.

Planted a total of 20,000 trees:

  • 120 trees in schools at Mbour

  • 300 trees at Medine in Mbour

  • 300 trees at Kolda in Saré Mousse

  • 600 trees at Keur Malick in Malicounda

  • 8,000 trees in Samba Dia

  • 11,500 trees in 10 community gardens

Started 10 community gardens:

  • 4 in Mbour

  • 3 in Samba Dia

  • 1 in Gandigal

  • 1 in Malicounda

Partnered to help facilitate and helped contribute to solar projects in five villages:

  • 2 installations in Gandigal

  • 3 installations in Keur Malick

Video Script

Aidons les Plus Démunis (Aid to the Most Vulnerable) of Senegal is a youth movement led by women.

Our mission is to intervene in social and climate change.

Our objective for the challenge is to plant 50,000 plants, and 15 community gardens, accompanied by training and awareness-raising with our groups of women and young people.

But also, to make solar installations at the level of the villages which do not have electricity in order to help them to live better.

By acting effectively, we have succeeded in involving the community to participate in the challenge by working with women’s and youth groups. This has made it possible to increase the harvests of thousands of households but also to make the beach clean in order to avoid the harmful effects of plastic waste.

Fighting climate change means contributing to the well-being of populations but also preserving the future of future generations.


  • Instagram: @changementclimatiqiesenegal

  • Twitter: @LallaSankhare



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