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Radical Collaboration Colorado Clean Up

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Radical Collaboration Colorado Clean Up, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award-winners!


  • #57 – Radical Collaboration Colorado Clean Up

  • Registered Challengers: Vicki Davis, Anna Burrell, Celeste Benzschawel, Ellen Lana

  • Location: The USA

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Video Script

The Radical Collaboration River Clean-Up team removed 4,000 lb of trash from Colorado waterways.

How did we do it? We didn’t do it alone. We brought in 21 community partners from businesses, governmental departments, nonprofits, and community organizations.

It’s an incredible feat to remove 4000 lb of trash but is it enough? 209 volunteers donated 500 hours during this challenge. We can’t stop now. Our model is to build community, take action, and create change. Help us use our action to work with our policy partners to pressure our governments to legislate better environmental policies.

We must create change proactively, but we can’t do it alone. Join us, and be radically collaborative. Together we can create an exponential impact on the world.




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