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Jovial Concepts, Colorado

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Jovial Concepts, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award-winners!


  • #56 – Jovial Concepts

  • Registered Challengers: Mary Erdman, Ava Heller, Abeal Gebreziabher

  • Location: USA

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Video Script

Have you been curious about activities you can do around your neighborhood to positively affect climate change?

For 10 years, Jovial Gardens has been turning lawns into gardens in the Denver metro area. We’re super passionate about climate action and the environment!

This Fall, we reached out to our community to share information about the benefits of not raking fallen leaves.

Leaf litter is home to many important insects in our ecosystem, and these insects provide our bird population with plenty of food!

Allowing your leaves to decompose naturally provides vital nutrients to the soil, improving the health of your lawn and garden landscape.

We believe climate action is a community effort and hope to empower our neighbors to make positive change.

Our hope is to encourage our community to become more environmentally sustainable, making real change in a small amount of time. We want these actions to become established practices in our community.

Jovial Concepts: creating a sustainable, global future.

Connect with the team at Jovial Concepts and their sister organization, the Coop at 1st




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