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Eco-Clava, Mexico

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet the Eco-Clava team from Mexico, the first challengers registered in the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge! They launched their initiative during the challenge. Their mission is to provide continual environmental education to spur policy and behavior change in their communities.


  • #1 – Eco-Clava

  • 90-Day Challenge Goal: Launch an eco-club to provide continuous eco-education and spur change

  • Location: Mexico

  • Registered Challengers: Karen Edith Palacio Velasco, Andrea Lopez, Andrik Emmanuel Esperanza Contreras, Angela Shahide Ramos García, Arisajandra Solis, Erandi Fernanda Montero Ramírez, Erick Jiménez, Gladys Yazmin, Noor Hanan Mayoral, Ramiro M. García Alonso, Stephanie Gricel Mendoza Serrano, Uriel Pérez, Yedid Concepción Martínez Hernández

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2020


Here are some impact highlights from the Eco-Clava team during the 90-day challenge period:

  • Came together as a new team and grew to 14 members

  • Held 5 community events with 185 community attendees

  • Diverted 50 kg of food waste and recycled 25 kg of PET plastic beverage bottles

  • Two families switched to renewable energy with solar heaters

  • Started 2 gardens: one in Oaxaca and one in Mexico City

  • Planted 5 trees: a lemon tree, a tangerine tree, and 3 ficus

  • Wrote 9 ecological articles and monographs

  • Developed 3 partnerships: two universities and Climate Reality Latin America

Challenge Experience

What part of the challenge helped you most?

“The book helped because it forces to you have commitments and to quantify what you want to do,” said Karen dePalacio. “It is a way of putting pressure on ourselves and to demand ourselves to meet goals.”

Working in the community with other challengers from around the world was also helpful. Hearing updates during the weekly training about people that are planting trees and taking action spurred the Eco-Clava team on. Each time she heard these updates, it renewed their dedication. “I have to continue working because there are other people who are already working,” said Karen.

Next Steps

Moving forward, the team is planning to:

  • Continue with weekly trainings, organizing webinars, table talks, and events

  • Start social media accounts

  • Launch a website and build out resources to help people change their behavior


What is your advice for someone who wants to make an impact? Here’s what Karen said:

  • Don’t get discouraged

  • Work in community

  • Stop thinking and start taking action!


Want to get involved? Contact the team to participate as a member or partner.


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