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Rakai Youths for Action & Development – Uganda

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Meet Rakai Youths for Action & Development in Uganda, 2021 International Climate Action Challenge Eco-Champion award-winners!


  • #9 – Rakai Youths for Action & Development (RYAD)

  • Location: Uganda

  • Registered Challengers: Samuel Yawe, John Jjuuko, Catherine Namyalo

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2021

Impact Highlights

During the 90-day challenge, the RYAD team:

  • Coordinated 20 cleanups in Rakai Town Council trading centers, and Kifamba sub-county and Kagamba sub-county villages.

  • Held 30 sensitization and awareness meetings.

  • Hosted 10 sports events.

  • Reached 6,000 people with all events.

  • Planted a total of 500 trees during five tree-planting events.

Tree planting details:

  • Planted by: RYAD team members, local leaders and volunteer members of the community from each village where trees were planted

  • Type: jackfruit, mango, mvule, musizi

  • Sites: roadsides, green spaces, sub-county headquarters, health centers, barren hills

  • Locations:

    • Kagamba sub county: Bbaale, Kanagisa

    • Rakai Town Council: Danida village, Katuntu and Kibona


  • Facebook:@rakaiyouthsforactanddev

  • Instagram: @rakaiyouthsforactanddev



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